Good Morning, News!


I browsed through my sisters comic books and noticed my muscles did not look like the other imaginary creatures so I started rockin' the roids.
As a native Chicagoan, I wonder: is Rahm Emanuel's goal in life to exceed Richard J. Daley's benchmark of assholery?
@ Denis, if you wanted my band (The Designer Vaginas) to play your bris, you could have just asked us.

No need to shroud anything in mystery.
Jeeze, if Sherie is willing to spend that much, she should pop for a nice tattoo as well.…
Can we get a followup to people that have had this surgery done?
"Since many of the obstetricians and gynaecologists at the conference are untrained in plastic surgery, one big question begins to bother me: on what/whom they will practise?

The answer is, they don't – or, often, not much. A number of those here plan to watch the videos and start operating. Indeed, in one session, a doctor asks how to overcome beginner's nerves – and what are your obligations to let your patient know? "Do it on a 60-year old – it won't matter!" comes one helpful suggestion from the audience."

This excerpt actually made me put down my laptop and stare at the wall despondently for a few minutes.