Randy Leonard on Occupy Portland: "I Don't Feel the Compulsion to Say There Needs to Be an End to This."


Randy says we can afford it!
Along with that spiffy fireboat and a cool waterhouse, to boot!
What economic problems?
Allowing 1% of the population to control 40% of our nation's resources is also somewhat expensive.
Leonard did not comment on why he was allowing the select group of Portlanders to violate his building, fire and safety codes however.
Randy is the single most irresponsible politician in this city in decades, and that is really really saying something. His opinion on any subject is worse than worthless.
Blabby for Mayor! (if you think you can do any better)
Randy, fuck yeah!
this is the most sensible thing to come out of City Hall in a while
Yay, someone started a response group, composed of the 53% of the population who actually pay income taxes. I feel like I have more in common with these people than I do with the Occupy folks, even though the protesters claim to represent me every time they say 99%.

"music to his hears" is a great phrase.
Yeah, yeah, Johnny Hashtag. It's fixed.
Join the political protest against the prohibition of duct taping sidewalks for the parades. The protest will take place on these same sidewalks on the parade routes starting 24 hours before anyone is allowed to occupy these prohibited sidewalks.

The city will not be able to stop these protest and remove us because this will be a political protest.
I must admit I've never thought of carrying a sign that says "BLOW ME." Until now. Worth a try.
how is this picture not the next cover of the Mercury?
Blabby is the single most irresponsible commenter in this blog in decades, and that is really really saying something. His opinion on any subject is worse than worthless.
Blabby is like Victoria Taft or Jack Bogdonovich in disguise
@Raymont -- I think a lot of the folks at OWS are also in this 53% you mention. I know I am. Most of them seem pretty excited to see a bunch of young kids we had written off as apathetic taking charge in reclaiming their future.

It is because I am in the 53% that I am so aggravated about what's been going on in this country. I pay ridiculous amounts of taxes, and for what? To prop up failing companies, bailout banks, fight wars for resources for the same companies, all while my friends -- who have worked very hard, but struggle to find work or pay off student loans -- can't get sick AT ALL or they are screwed.

I desperately want the taxes I pay to go toward things that I think benefit me directly because they improve the surroundings that I inhabit with my neighbors. For instance: if less people are sick because everyone has healthcare, I'm less likely to catch something. In addition, ERs won't be overrun with people who have no other means of getting medical care.

I'd also love to see my tax dollars currently going to subsidize bankrupt (both morally and literally) industries, and instead go toward meeting our energy demand domestically through different combinations of smart infrastructure planning and sustainable energy sources.

Lastly, the 53% site is ridiculous. Everyone who spends money in almost every state pays sales tax. There are taxes collected on phone bills, tolls, payroll tax (which, by the way, SS taxes stop accumulating once you are over 106k a year), "sin" taxes, gas tax, and more. All of these are regressive taxes that account for a higher percentage of income for a low-income worker than they do of a higher-income worker. Income taxes are only 1/5 of tax revenue.

I am grateful every day for the opportunities I've had, but I'm also present enough to understand others have not had the same opportunities -- and I see no reason why, as part of the "53%" I can't ask for equal opportunity for the 99%. Nay, the 100%.