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Well, so far 'occupy' hasn't accomplished shit, has it? And it doesn't appear that change is on the horizen anytime soon. For any of the issues that fall under the (big) umbrella of protest.
In other news, Rowan Atkinson, alias Blackadder, alias Mr. Bean, alias Johnny English, totaled his $3 million car. And somehow he survived.…
One thing the occupy movement has accomplished is that they've brought the conversation about America's enormous economic disparity to the forefront. Certainly, part of the conversation is knee-jerk derision on the part of people like frankieb (the same person who used to post "Honeybucket" in the comments section of Ann Romano's column every week) and Fox News commentators. On the other hand, 37% of the American people support the occupiers (…), so they must be doing something right.

The problem is that, while beginning the conversation is important, it's only a first step, not an end in itself. So far, the occupy movement hasn't given us a clue as to what their next steps might be, and how those steps might bring about real change. They need to. Still, the movement is just over a month old -- a very short period of time. Anyone who either expects the movement to have immediate results or dismisses the movement because of its lack of immediate results has no idea how genuine change happens, especially in a society as big as America.
@Todd, can we expect daily Rowan Atkinson updates from you every day? I hope he recovers soon, and his accident won't adversely effect this:…
@dmitrir: Well, somebody has to do it.
@Todd, I agree.
dmitrir - I do truly hope something can be done about the disparity of wealth here in the states. Especially when one looks around at the spread of wealth in other countries, it is criminal.
I just don't see 'occupy' getting anything done about it.
You mention that 37% of Americans support 'occupy'. Since 'occupy' claim to be the 99% it seems far too low a number to brag on.
Additionally, since the 'occupy' covers a big umbrella's worth of causes, you'd figure that 37% should easily be much higher.
However, I'd bet if you started breaking down the numbers based on causes within occupy, that 37% would drop like a rock - with the exception of corporate greed.
But still, no course of action. Vaugue protest.
'occupy' wants to be everything to everyone. It lacks identity. After a MONTH even...
Nothing knee-jerk here, I've been paying attention.
btw, I don't watch Fox.
@frankieb: every time the Mercury posts something about the occupy movement, you immediately post a piece of snarky derision. That's every bit as knee-jerk as posting "Honeybucket" every time Ann Romano wrote a column.

The 99% does not represent the number of people who support the occupy movement. It represents the number of people who are getting screwed over by America's economic disparity. Maybe you haven't been paying attention closely enough.

A MONTH is a very short period of time. For the occupy movement to get the support of 37% of the American people so quickly is an accomplishment. So, when you say they haven't "accomplished shit," you're just speaking out of your ass.

Feel free to do a real analysis of what that 37% actually thinks. Something similar to the AP poll I cited would do. Your opinion on the matter isn't exactly a reliable source.

You may not watch Fox, but you do a very good impersonation of one of their commentators.
Perhaps Occupy is expanding upon the potential social phenomena of growing shanty settlements in or outside large US cities?
Uh, yeah, I *got* that the what the 99% represents.
So, besides getting 37% of the people supporting a variety of causes to be pissed about, what have they exactly done?
You obviously didn't *get* the Honeybucket thing.
Twinkles down.
"@frankieb: every time the Mercury posts something about the occupy movement, you immediately post a piece of snarky derision. That's every bit as knee-jerk as posting "Honeybucket" every time Ann Romano wrote a column."

You're certainly right about that.
One thing they've accomplished is that they still have even frankieb talking about it....
So, how long do you give the wedding?
Because nothing says everlasting romance more than a political backdrop.