Dog Tuesday: Rin Tin Tin and Bobby the Oregon Wonder Dog


Downtown Silverton has an awesome Bobby the Wonder Dog mural. (photos here:…) He was Silverton's most famous resident until Mayor Stu came along!
Dang, now I want to see "The Call of the West."

Still, I bet Bobby wouldn't look as fetching in a dress a Stu.
Dog Tuesday, Fuck Yeah!

The really amazing part of the "Bobby the Oregon Wonder Dog" story isn't that he walked 2,000 miles or that he's a dog. But that someone named "Bobby" actually did something worth remembering.
Bobby Seale, Bobby Sands, Bobby Womack, Bobby Fischer...
@geyser ALL of them were failures compared to this dog! (Also I can only assume your real name is Bobby. I am so sorry about that.)
There's surprisingly little information about Bobby in the Oregonian Historical Archive (accessible via the library's website), but an article from 02-12-1928 mentions that he was buried in the Oregon Humane Society's then-new Animal Cemetery, "and so is Jiggs, the bulldog who died of a broken heart."

That's the saddest thing I've ever read! Equally sadly, I could find no more information about Jiggs. Sarah, you're a reporter. Can you dig up more information about the tragic story of Jiggs?
I too would like to know more about Jiggs. SARAH??
Bobby Dylan, Bobby Charlton, Bobby Darin, Bobby Gentry, Bobby McGee...
I have written a book about Bobbie and have more information on this website devoted to him: