"how many others happened this week in other places?" I suspect the homelessness and drug statistics will be given a thorough scrutiny by the media in the aftermath of this event. The usual misleading arguments will be made for and against policy adjustments based on said statistics, followed by a lack of dialogue, polarization and non-action. Sigh.
It has been very interesting to monitor both Occupy Portland's Livestream and a live police scanner app for Portland Police today. I think it has given me an at least slightly better idea as to what to expect as the two worlds come together more tightly. Remain vigilant. Remain informed...
If you've been wondering what Frank Miller thinks of all this (and I know you have), he isn't exactly holding back.
Wow, and I thought I was critical of 'occupy' sometimes.
"The policy regarding contacting the police is if the survivor wants us to contact the police the sexual assault response team will contact them. If they don't want to contact the police nobody should contact the police."…

Too bad that Damish Hospital is closed, it would be a great place for Occupy Portland to move too.
About an hour ago, I passed by two vans covered with police in riot gear at SW Washington x 5th. The deadline is midnight, so why are the police beginning to mass just a few blocks away from the park at 2:30? Oh, and Denis, they weren't putting on a happy face; their faces were covered in black ski masks.
I thought Andy From Beaverton was dead. Shit his pants and started himself on fire. The most honorable thing he could have done with his time. Oh well. Andy, learn how to spell 'to.'
Tom, "too bad" you are so ignorant.

With hate filled language like you use, you should fit right in with the "peaceful protesters".
Andy, Tom was talking about you using the word "too" instead of "to" when you wrote "great place for Occupy Portland to move too."

Thanks for playing. Better luck next time.

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