American Horror Story Chitty-Chat Club!


I love this show even though it's ridiculous & contains a million inconsistencies, like why is the maid the only ghost that appears older than when she died & why is she a slut when she appears young, but her "pre-dead" back story showed her as being a rape victim and not a slut.
Because of these type of things I don't even try to figure out where the story is going from week to week. Plus I doubt the folks writing it are planning much further ahead then week to week. However, they'd better have a plan to bring back Abby. Losing her seemed to take a big chunk out of the realism of the show.
Do you mean Addy? I also miss that character despite a traumatizing childhood of Life Goes On.

With Moira there's that whole thing about 'men only seeing what they want to see, woman seeing into the soul of a person'. I really like both of those actresses and the stuff written for them. With the younger M I'm like, "how can she turn dog shit into a sexual innuendo? oh, she did!" and then the expression on older M's face as she leaves the BJ scene = layered!

Why was two-face keeping Constance's kid in his attic? How does one broker that? Oh, C-spice.

Chances of C-spice meeting a medium of her same tax bracket? Or is it another joke that the only medium C-spice takes seriously is one as racist as she.
My favorite part of the episode was the realtor's bigoted remarks. She's an asshole. I'm glad she's on the show.

My second favorite part was Constance making sure that the Armenian guy didn't die on the property, so his ghost wouldn't come back. Which makes me wonder: Addy died on the street. She wasn't on the property, so how the heck are the writers going to bring her back?

I thought the kid chained in the attic looked more that guy from that movie with Cher. The Mask or something? I never saw that movie. Anyway, I'll bet you anything that attic-boy and Tate are twins. And now Viv is having twins. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE!
My partner and I are profoundly worried that the "rubber guy" costume may only be PVC. Although more durable for a costume, it's just not the same thing. False advertising. If that turns out to be true, the producers have a serious credibility problem on their hands.