Two Bits of Elliott Smith News


I'll just leave this here:
Do we know where Robert Wagner was that night?
What exactly is the "weirdness" in this case? How many people kill themselves by repeatedly stabbing themselves in the chest?

Even a guy who spent most of his time talking about killing himself should have had his death classified as a "murder" when the cause of death was "repeated stab wounds to the chest."
Um. Duh. Nobody commits suicide by stabbing themselves in the chest. Somebody... murdered... him...
5 did they not notice that he had wounds on his arm and hands before now...? WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY DOING? eating a sammich?
that's hardly hearsay, or news! it's in the autopsy report: "a small slight laceration is noted to the palm of the left and right hand and another slight laceration is noted under the upper arm as well."
And yet Tommy, it's very difficult to find people who don't think he committed suicide. It's fucking stupid.
The multiple stab wounds to the chest can be explained by the fact that it is in fact pretty fucking hard to bypass your body's natural defense mechanisms to the point that you succeed in driving a knife into your chest. The pain, the flinching, etc.--all defense tactics. So the first wound may have been unsuccessful because he twitched, or because he stopped once he realized how much it hurt, etc.
the point is not the "multiple stab wounds", the point is that chiba claims in "searching for elliott smith" that the lacerations can be explained because "he was a cutter", whereas that's definitely not what the medical examiner says:

"But most important are the 2 wounds possibly interpreted as two 'defensive' wounds, but when I used that term, Dr. Scheinin cannot see the quotation marks and she reacts right away. I know it was a term she used as a possible interpretation but she doesn’t want to affirm these wounds were indeed of defensive nature.

I ask her if they were fresh, and she answers yes without hesitation. And then I have to go through a little bit of explanation regarding these wounds: they have been dismissed as defensive wounds by J. Chiba and R. Peringer, as they went through a great deal of explanation, in the 1994 Spin article for example, about Elliott’s cutting habit and his self-mutilation behavior.

But Dr. Scheinin is direct, these wounds are not compatible with self-mutilation, ‘it’s not self-cutting’. I had always thought it was the case as the one under the right arm is a pretty weird location for that kind of behavior. She also thinks these wounds are not consistent with hesitation marks, which are usually around the stab wounds. In this case, once again she is formal, there were no hesitation marks, and it is pretty unusual, she will repeat this several times

However, she does not exclude some cutting by accident, Elliott may have mishandled the knife, and he may have hurt himself that way."
The wounds were on the autopsy reports, this is not the news, the news is that they were not self-cutting as J Chiba and Robin Peringer have repeatedly said.

There is so much more to the story. For people interested by the truth:……
People commit suicide by stabbing themselves in the chest. People commit suicide with chainsaws. But there is some weird stuff going on with this story. He mishandled the knife badly enough to cut his hand and upper arm but managed to stab himself through the chest cleanly on the first try? He was so out of his head with psychic pain that he was able to stab himself twice, but first he took time out to write a quick sentence requesting forgiveness on a post-it? His girlfriend must have taken a first aid class for work; didn't she know better than to pull out the knife? When exactly did she hear him and what exactly did she hear? Did she really tell somebody that he said he was going to leave her?