Bachmann Iowa Campaign Co-Chair: Gay Marriage Will Lead to Women Marrying the Eiffel Tower


Funny thing is, a woman already married the Eiffel Tower.…

There was a BBC documentary about her and "objectophilia" a few years back.
Doing the link with the red herring is far more deviant than marrying an inanimate object.
"I know what you're thinking: this woman is crazy!"

In the Eiffel Tower's defence, it is incredibly hung and can probably get in there all nice and deep. Who wouldn't want to put a ring on it?
Also, if she is trying to make a point here, damned if I can tell what it is.

Uh, also, for the sake of poly visibility, because her video will undoubtedly lead to a lot of confusion for a lot of people; there are lots of people who have non-monogamous relationships, your friends and neighbors, and you just don't know it because nobody is allowed to talk about it. It's a lot more normal than you think.

Also, for the sake of poly visibility, I'm in a triad, with a male and female partner, and date people outside of that triad. I am your neighbor, perhaps, or your cashier at a store that I am obviously not going to mention. I am sitting next to you on the train, or crossing paths with you on the sidewalk.

So, uh, yeah, poly people exist, and we could be anyone. (I don't mean that in a creepy way.)
Tamara Scott should be happy if a woman wants to marry a phallic symbol. If one wants to marry the Great Rift Valley or the Afsluitdijk dike, *then* she should worry.
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@Todd: I insist that we at least exchange photos before initiating contact. Here's mine:…
I remember that documentary! Erika Eiffel is really cool. She defended herself from sexual assault in the armed forces with her "first lover, at the time" a Japanese training sword.
Cute! Here's a glamour shot of me before my eventual resurrection (mostly original parts):…
This coming from a woman who wouldn't think twice about a nun considering "marrying" an infinity year old mythological figure who impregnated a virgin 2000 years ago. Polyamory lady? Your "God" started that shit!
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My right hand has been married quite happily to my penis for over 30 years and all my other body parts accept them just as they are. My brain actually celebrates their relationship almost daily.
I can't tell which of us is trolling harder. But I'm not (really) an asshole, so here.