Union Raising Cash for Cop in Shotgun Ammo Mixup, Calls Shooting "Accident, Not a Criminal Act"


What is 'permanently wounded'?
@PDxWahine -- Permanently wounded means he blew off some parts that will not heal or grow back.

The following is no violation of HIPPA privacy since it is court record:

Monroe suffered two entry wounds to his left thigh; one of the two was a "through and through" shot. Another hit his buttocks, shattering his pelvis, and puncturing his bladder, colon and injuring his rectum.
One would think that, to prevent shit like this, that a beanbag round and conventional ammo could not be interchanged. Bad planning on some ones part.
Where is the PPA account to cover the victim's medical bills? That's the sort of thing that people do to make amends for their mistakes that lead to "accidents."
ujfoyt - correct. I hate to agree with their union, but I think it was an accident waiting to happen when you have same size ammo used for differing purposes.
I would certainly hope that it was an accident. But that doesn't make or break whether or not it's a criminal offense. Gross negligence can result in criminal outcomes, and this sounds awfully negligent.
I think it's great show of humility and contrition that the union is raising money for the victim. He's going to be left with lifelong health challenges, and while it doesn't excuse the mistake, it at least shows that the Portland Police are willing to claim responsibility for their actions.

Oh wait sorry, the donated money is going to the guy that PULLED THE FUCKING TRIGGER, my bad.