TriMet YouthPass Saved from Budget Cuts


Stop distracting us with stuff like this and get back to the important coverage of mayoral candidates crowing about the city's lack of leadership and blog comments about how Sam Adams hasn't done anything.
Sarah, is there somewhere we can see how far the average student rides on a bus to school?
I know it's the old joke 'back in my day, we had to....'
but I biked and walked - rain or shine, and it was nearly 2 miles.
Schools don't seem very far away at all from most Portland locations, to me anyway.
This is great news for the thousands of folks who ride it, but don't forget this is only funded through May! It's a stopgap measure for which there isn't continued funding.
Also, do I understand this right - that ALL students get free bus passes regardless of where they live?
(ie, whether or not they would have even used the yellow bus?)
If this is the case, then I would suggest this is something the taxpayers should look long and hard at.
Free passes for students lets them know we care about them. Also, they won't be stranded somewhere and can get home as long as there's bus service. This may discourage bike riding, but many students find it more convenient to bike than bus to school.
Keeping paying customers on Tri-Met helps them with their budget problems, and keeps them from having to lay off so many workers.
What a surprise: Frank hates kids, schools, and kids' abilities to get to schools.
No, not at all.
I do hate stupid conclusions though.