Police Respond to Video Showing Plainclothes Cops at Occupy Portland Meeting


Thank you for making this information public.
That female undercover cop is pretty smokin. I'd let her brutalize me!
"Interestingly, an officer outed after hanging out in plainclothes at Occupy Oakland filmed a video saying he supported the movement."

Interestingly -- wasn't support for the movement the reason the city (and police) tried to work with the original Occupy camp for nearly six weeks?
I wonder if the blonde cop with the ponytail is the same one that was on the Justin Bridges video (?) with the blonde ponytail hanging out from her black helmet?
(which would seem like something the cops wouldn't allow, as she could have been grabbed by her hair)

But if you are acting above the law, who cares anyway?
Wait, scratch that last thought.
I thought the whole Occupy Portland was supposed to be transparent. Maybe the undercover cops were just representing their part of the 99%. Their pay scale isn't so hot, and if you look at the risks they go through on a daily basis, it's a pretty messed-up field.

Overall, it seems like the best thing for all the firm believers, organizers, strategists, supporters, advocates, and anyone else involved with bringing the message to their audience would be to really take time to come up with a focused mission statement.

I'm very supportive of the movement, but not convinced that it really has legs. It seems like a generation of people growing up on various media that encourages stupidity and making sure every special snowflake has their 15 minutes of fame.

If all of the Occupy Portland people realize that this might be breaking down to a reality show (check out MTV's shit) they might make a better effort to turn this into a reality as opposed to reality TV.

I want to see the smart people in this movement really make some changes, and have a strong voice.

Keep up the good work!
Not even the Gospels are exactly gospel, as far as I'm concerned. Don't believe what anyone tells you. I don't even believe myself half the time.
@kimmy47 We at OP don't care too much about the Police being there vis-a-vis transparency.

HOWEVER, it is against the law for the Police to spy on activists. (See: Moose vs. Squirrel)
When your retirement is missing $337 million you might want to join the 99% of Occupy.