Overcommitted: Sam's Big Projects Will Lead to Harsh PBOT Cuts


You say "cut to the fund responsible for things like... building sidewalks" because of a "new gas tax revenue [for] building new sidewalks".
So we won't have money to build sidewalks because Adams committed to spending $14 million on new sidewalks?
It's not just simply sidewalks - look around. There are numerous examples.
Politicians always like to point out what sorts of great things were accomplished on their watch - usually in the form of new toys for the city - streetcars, 'sustainability' building, bike lanes, a new highway, etc etc. But they gotta charm the shit out of us to pay for it.
The chickens are a comin' home to roost.

Is it sinking in yet, Merc? Sam Adams is not a good mayor. He's not responsible, and he's not that smart.
Portland should just close the SellwoodBridge. They are building a new bridge less than 2 miles downstream that should be used for just transit, walkers and bikes.
@ Rosy:

Agree. If the City/County had closed the bridge two years ago, the funding would have been in place for a new bridge by now - including a Clackamas registration fee.

It's time we all see that the transportation shortfall is the result of Sam trying to buy back the City's love. For once, I'm kinda with Blabby on this.