Good Morning News!


About 50 million Krugerrands have been minted since 1967, so they're not really rare. Not your fault, Alex, I know that idea came from the Oregonlive article.

The situation in Egypt is very depressing.
I liked the dude in the Oregonlive comment section that was bemoaning the fact that you couldn't import South Africa gold coins back in the 70s-80s... because you know of APARTHEID.
Golly gee I'm a sheltered naive white Portland libtard "progressive", and I live in Portland the whitest city in the USA, and I am such a white-guilt libtard that I don't even realize that since Bono and Bob Geldof got rid of Apartheid, that South Africa's rape and murder rates have skyrocketed so that now South Africa has the world's #1 rape and murder rates, which it most definitely did not have before that evilbad Apartheid.

That's some real "progressive" progress right there!