A Cadre of Old, White Guys Plot a Creationist Science Museum


This is heinous.
"bible-based science"? Where are our beloved candidates on that? They will need a miracle to build a building that large for that price.
Oh, boy, here we go.

I know there is the need to be "witty," but the title is essentially creating a class of people--old white guys--and using them as... you know. Fuck, I need coffee...

Just, when doing something like this, play the "what if the roles were reversed" game.
hitler? really?
Cadre should have been Coven. I think Coven better describes the situation.
Hey look! Old white guys reading cue cards and talking! Argument lost at 1:22.
Why is it relevant that they're old white guys, you stupid white bitch?
A cadre of young blacks riot & trash the Mall of America yesterday! Not to mention all the majorly black "Air Jordan Riots", over 20 of them, all across the USA just the other day! Don't forget the blacks stabbing and killing each other on Oxford Street in London over the shoes they had just stolen from Foot Locker! Celebrate Divershitty! Belief in "racial equality" is essentially a faith-based religious belief not rooted in science, so what makes you different from those stupid Christians? I'm an atheist realist!


Sniff, sniff. Does anyone else smell troll?
I smell a naive white-guilt "progressive" who lives sheltered in Portland, the whitest major city in the USA.
I smell a bored poopy-pants. Also, Pittsburgh is the whitest major city, so nananana.
Since creationism supports a male dominated patriarchal religion that keep women and minorities (Canaanities?) oppressed, it IS relevant that the speakers are old, white and male.
I was gonna ask if they had been old black guys doing this would you have mentioned race Sarah - but it seems several people are pointing this out already.
Oh Jesus. Carting out the old reverse discrimination chestnut. Can we be just a tad more predictable and tedious?
If you Portland hipster "progressives" are so anti-"white privilege", then why do you live sheltered in white whitey white Portland, the USA's whitest city?

Why don't you move to Gary Indiana, or Newark, or East St. Louis? You can enjoy cheap rents, experience all the amazing vibrant benefits of divershitty, and all your do-gooder "progressive advocacy activist" friends will look up to you for how "tolerant" and "enlightened" you are! Some crusading libtard "journalist" might even write a story about you and your efforts to "uplift" the "oppressed"!

Be careful that you don't become a "gentrifier", though!!!!
Man, our resident "naive white libtards" / "how to solve Detroit's problems" guy has really been busy lately. Enjoy wasting your life, nobody.
People being stupid makes me a sad panda.

(referring to video and commenters)
@16 geyser

Since you brought it up, why don't you move to Detroit and "advocate" and be a "progressive activist" for "oppressed" colored people? Ooops I meant to type "people of color" as I understand that "colored people" is considered to be offensive by "Stuff White People Like" libtards like you.

Why do you live in Portland, the whitest major city in the USA?

You must be a total hypocrite. Walk your talk, white-privilege hipster.
Someone has a raging hate boner!
Portland is a major city? Color me astounded...
Seriously why are you up in arms? You don't seem to have an issue with a number of other ridiculous thing that happen here. No one with a brain and common sense will take these guys seriously. Whats your problem? As for #15, you may have somewhat of a point but you are generalizing and most Portlander's don't feel that way,sorry