Saltzman on Cops' Fitness Pay Perk: "We Should Not Reward People for Having a Pulse"


Fitness should just be written into the job description. Fail the test and you are unfit for duty and dismissed. Most states require a 2 mile or 12 minute run, passing the timed obstacle course, minimum strength requirement for required muscle group, timed 15--88yard shuttle runs, firearm proficiency and other PAT tests.

Don't the firefighters have to pass the tower test regularly to keep their jobs ?
You guys sure that Saltz isn't fixing to make a late run at mayor? He's taking some interesting stands lately.
I don't see why these tests couldn't be done on regularly scheduled work time. I think a volunteer citizen committee should be convened to design a downtown obstacle course with the only stipulation that it has to have a stop in that day-glo putt putt place and at Voodoo donuts.
It could be called the "Copstacle Course" HA!