In general, I thought it was too soon on the network comedy imitating life bit re: Tracy stand-up. If they were going to go there, they needed to have him verbatim say what he ACTUALLY said. Not some obviously inoffensive stuff to pass the network; to me it devalued the apology issued last summer. Though Tracy calling Glad instead of GLAAD was pretty funny. /LGBT

I like where P&R is going - Chris definitely feels lonely without Ben! I like how Ron was torn between his love of delivering bad news and trimming city waste and his dislike for advancement/responsibility.

I have no clue what they're doing with April and Andy. Yes, April would be smarter than she is being portrayed. They're relationship works when Andy is dumb and April is too apathetic to care. April would have these life skills, just not care enough to use them.
1. 30 Rock just wasn't funny last night.
2. Jenna has some great lines and is a great character, but I feel like I can write the joke the second before she starts the aside you know she is ending every single fucking line with "like that time I."
3. It's always disappointing when the first couple eps of a season sucks, since they've presumably had all that time to prepare to knock it out of the park, and 30 Rock's seems to always start slow, with only one exception I can think of.
4. P&R was amazing. AS USUAL. Highlights: the guys making the negative ad and voiceover, Paul Rudd's ad with his fancy dog, Andy getting hit by/hitting everything, Andy's "symptom" listing (Ann: "some of those are real, some of those are just being a person")
5. I continue to be unamused at the lazy retardification (Andyzation?) of April.

6. Up All Night has some good moments, and Maya Rudolph is amazing in everything, but it's just too damn domestically typical to be as funny as it could be with those great actors.
7. With that said, Mulally was fan-fucking-tastic, as usual.

8. We watched way more of the Office than usual (usual would be "not at all") because of the promos with the dog version of Dwight. Other than that, the Office feels like I'm at a party where all the cool people left an hour ago.
Did Whitney get canceled? The dude from Whitney was funny in an episode from season 1 of Workaholics. EOM
Yes, April is being Andyized...but isn't that how relationships go? She is savvy about some things, but "life skills" maybe not so much.

And the voiceover greatest LOL in a long while.

Whitey... did I just write "Whitey"? I mean, WHITNEY has been moved to Wednesday nights at 8 pm right before the equally horrible "Are You There Chelsea?" (Is NBC TRYING to kill us??)
@6, it's in our best interest that these shows fail. Community has a better chance of surviving if these shows die.
@ 2, ยง 6: I touched on this last week - Up All Night has an awesome cast but is not yet an awesome show. I think it needs a little time to figure out what it wants to be. While I'd rather we had Community back, hey, at least it's not Whitney.
I noticed jack's non Jonathon non Indian assistant too. I think he's kinda hot. And I second that Jenna is hilarious and doesn't get enough props

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