you can actually get one that is not quite as robust at: you pretty much assemble it yourself but once you do you have a 3d printer.
I'd definitely heard of 3D printers before, but they never fail to make my jaw drop. Incredible stuff.
I look forward to being mocked by your grandchildren when I relate the genuine wonderment we all feel right now at the birth of 3D printing.

Of course, when they do, I'll just print out another stab-bot to chase and kill them.
I'm going to print up some grandchildren right now, just so I can stab 'em myself.
I prefer my GeneSplicer when printing up some grand children or turning a chickens into a velociraptors.

Yes! I somehow discovered this same video a few months ago—don't ask me how or why! But I was also boggled by it.
The world of printers is underrated:…
Go to the MakerBot website to find out how you can buy or make one for yourself

You should definitely check out the Colbert Report link. They made a Stephen head on the show. If he's going to be running for president we will need to mass produce these.
If you are a male and have access to one of the replicators, you could give your significant other a VERY personal momento, couldn't you. Just sayin....

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