Good to know it only takes the police 90 minutes to approach a dead man. I wonder how they'll ever prevent crime with they kind of response.
Suicide by cop Portlandia sketch.
Once again, the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) have managed to epically fuck-up what WAS a relatively minor crisis situation, blowing away a distraught and desperate young man in the process.

Good job, cops! Keep those bodies coming.

Ofcourse, not ALL the information is out yet. Plus, you can expect Führer Reese and co. to try and cover-up this mess of theirs. I'm just interested to know whether these pigs desecrated Bradley Lee Morgan's dead body the SAME way they did Aaron Campbell...
Said the asshole with a mass murderer for an avatar.

Scram, Cliffton. No one takes advice from a joke.
@4 so that's who that is....Not shocking but good to know. How many accounts does that idiot have? It appears this was the young mans intention, and sadly it was obliged.
Why don't you two jerks go live in Russia, since you LOVE being in a fascist POLICE STATE soo damned much.
The guy pointed a realistic looking fake gun at a cop. I don't blame the cop for shooting. I don't think the cop is thinking 'awesome, I just shot an unarmed man,' he's got to live with that shit. Sad situation all around; I don't think blaming the cops in this sitch accomplishes anything.

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