Police Confiscate Disco Tricycle, Make Arrests at Tahrir Square Rally


Can the police also confiscate the corporate "paper shredder" vehicles (iron mountain/recall/etc) downtown that are *well* above noise ordinances?
I can just hear Robert Stack reading, "But things quickly got un-chill."
As the operator of the other mobile system seen occasionally at opdx actions (the big one), this is the sort of news that frightens and angers me most. It's been repeatedly established that music is a form of free speech, and noise ordinance or not, a warning is the usual practice if there's any violation happening that's not being overtly disrespectful or illegal. That said, entering into a fenced off park was an obvious risk. Doesn't make the arrest and confiscation right, but he had to know that was a possible outcome of that specific action / statement. Hopefully the judge agrees that regardless of the violation, there was no danger to public safety.
Can they really just seize your property for a fortnight? Seems a bit excessive. What if he was using that as transportation to his job?
Those 'occupy' idiots. Not again.
Not YOU again, Frankie. Get a job, already.

"As the march continued to Portland State University and city hall, police began enforcing jaywalking laws, handing out several citations..."

Hundreds of people "jaywalk" in this city at any given point every day. Infact, depending on where you live (other East for example), one can't help but "jaywalk".

So the fact that the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) chose to arbitrarily hand out a whole cluster of jaywalking citations for NO reason other than deriding a PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT march proves that these pigs enforce this ordinance selectively!

If anyone who was targeted for a "jaywalking" ordinanace during this is actually reading this, I URGE YOU TO FIGHT IT IN COURT! If you still end up paying your "jaywalking/extortion" fee to the city, just pay it in PENNIES! That's EXACTLY what i did 4 years ago - $76 "jay walking/extortion" fee... all in pennies.
Jeshiah, I think I have seen your rig. Yes, this is very concerning. You may have misread. We marched around the fence, not inside. I have posted just he video of them confiscating the camera and trike here. There has been an outpouring of support (FrankieB excluded). Thank you. Though this pales in comparison to what has and IS happening in Tahrir, it is very concerning and I believe intended to have a chillin effect on free speech. Have no fear! We WILL Do It Better!

If 'occupy' wasn't scattered enough already with an elusive ajenda within the States - now they want to take on Global Issues.
Why don't they just fess up and say they just like annoying people with drum circles and crap every so often, blocking traffic, and be through with it already.
so he was on the sidewalk, video taping and NOT using his sound system. sounds premeditated. thanks for bringing what is happening in Tahrir square back into our consciousness!