What a fucking joke you are, Alison. Your Terms of Use, as arbitrarily enforced by your prudish ass, prohibits calling someone a "daft cunt" but it allows horrific comments mocking the death of an innocent person? Something is fundamentally wrong in your twisted mind. And you're a shit journalist.
She pulled "daft cunt" because it is an unbelievably stupid thing for an American to write, Madonna. That's why everyone was laughing at you yesterday, you say smart things mixed with childish snark. You're grown and you call people "cunt," just like a teenager. You seem to be 40 with emotional problems.
Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and ban you, #1β€”I don't know if you got my email about changing your user name, but since you haven't done so, you're out. Okay!
Congratulations Number Six!
I thought the comment mocks the cops more than the poor kid - but if I was a cop and some kid was showing me a gun that I couldn't tell was real or not, you best bet I blow his ass away before risking my own life.
The cops are getting a bad rap on this, from what I've seen so far.
COTW? What a joke THAT is.
Who is #1?

You are, Number 6!

(You are Number 6..? IS THERE A COMMA OR NOT!?)
Well played, #6, and better luck next time, A. Scunt.
Woohoo! I'm number one! I'm number one! Wait. No. I'm Number Six.

I wasn't hoping to be tacky, Allison, I just wanted to capture the whole sarcastic and ironic distance and detachment that so many of the kids are into these days.

I did mean to convey a general sense of mocking of the whole shooting investigation process and society's attitudes toward major social issue like death with dignity. But kids these days get to about 140 characters and then stop reading, so I had to keep it short.

We know that the officers involved will get some time off as a cursory investigation leads to the inevitable "justified use of force" finding. Had the troubled young man been in a coma and the family was going to unplug him like Terri Shiavo or if he had been seeking medical assistance to end his life, the investigation of the authorities would have been more thorough. Instead, any follow up will be focused on why the officers are such bad shots and why the officer's bullet ended up in a law office window two blocks away rather than focusing on the situation that lead to death of yet another mentally ill man. I suspect the DA/police review/grand jury will be more concerned about why the officers were such bad shots rather than why they were shooting. No helmet cameras will be purchased because of this to allow us to see and judge future encounters. The curtain will remain closed over similar future events.
@ Number Six....very well put. Thank you.
I didn't mean that your comment was tacky, @Number 6β€”just that an animated gold star gif seemed inappropriate given that there is an actual dead person involved.
Alison Hallett is a daft cunt
I find the explanation more tacky than the comment.
I know you pride yourselves on tactlessness, but geez really?

Did you know he was talking to the cops about "suicide by cop"?…

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