Oh, You Kids! Jan 30, 2012 at 10:29 am


I think this needs to be a part of a series called, "Today in We Are So Boned."

I could see parroting lame sitcoms on Twitter being justly called a form of criminal mischief. Deal with the problem at its source: Deport Seth MacFarlane and his writers.
geyser for President!
Yes, this was a pathetic overreaction by HS, but still it was kind of dumb of him to put something like that out in social media...come on. @2 pretty much, yeah.
Can we get some people working for the government that have even a rudimentary understanding of modern life? Might help, just sayin'.
@Never Alone....good luck. There is a reason the jobs recruit the way they do.
Of course one has to wonder, if these two were foolish and stupid enough to acknowledge a legitimate desire to ‘destroy’ America wouldn’t authorities have come across a couple of surface to air missiles in Ms Banting’s handbag? Then again, for someone who has spent a considerable time in the UK, the term ‘destroy’ is often used as an affectionate adjective to party the town. Not that you would know if haven’t spent time in the UK. Yep, Dept of Homeland Security outdoing itself once again....


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