This is the greatest btown shit ever.
I do like that fake tea/herbal storefront -- I like to pretend it is my shop. Glad to know that I'm selling ground up human organs!
I will grudgingly admit these last couple of episodes have been a bit better. Maybe there is hope for this show after all.
Parts of this week's show were very good, parts were a total mess, but the thing the bothered me the most was the preview of next week's episode. It featured Amy Acker. That means that Amy Acker was in Portland AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT. Scabs on you, God, for making that happen.
Also, sorry for posting something off-topic, but why doesn't the Merc have a Justified Chitty-Chat Club? Justified started off good, became very good last year, and, so far, this season has been excellent. I know it's sacrilege to say it on this board, but the past couple of episodes have been as good as Breaking Bad.
It was nice to see more of downtown Portland, and that great shot over the city. I'm curious to see where things are going after the phone call at the end to Mr. Boss guy (the Chief?) Also to be off-topic, anymore news on new episodes of American Horror Story?
I really think you're underrating the recent episodes. This one was by far the best episode of the series, and the last two have a been good. The Rapunsel one was the low point, I think.

I disagree about Juliet, too. I think her development as a character has an interesting element in that she doesn't know about the fairy-tale stuff but has shown herself to be quite resourceful, brave and pretty badass where necessary. I think as the info unravels to her she'll grow into a pretty great female lead.

Agreed about the great shots of town, though. Some beautiful camera work. Finally, I just thought the episode-specific plotline was great and the motion on the overall story went well. Nick as a proactive Grimm is a pretty great development. Loved the scenes of him intimidating beasties. It's great to see him dooing (as you put it) unique things to address unique challenges.

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