When Hearts Attack!


Ugh.. I can so see myself doing this to my husband, only to have hazmat called in. Valentine, heart, gift, haha! People need a sense of humor.

My Mom always cooked the giblets when making chicken, and I got to eat the heart, which is super rich and good. And small.. I didn't realize it was so good because it was a small infrequent treat, and so once bought a cow heart at the store (you can get 'em at safeway, no biggie) and then tried to cook/eat it. I got about six bites down before I had to give up. It's not steak. No sir.
Don't leave us hanging! Sir!
One or both of them are likely adulterers... in some circumstances this might be a suitable present.
i think that this is one of the most romantic Valentine's gifts ever ! Seriously. Although, i would prefer the fresh heart of a goat or an ewe. This is so hot.
This happened on The Real World 4- London. Local Jay Frank of Grant High was a cast member that season
"David Caruso voice" well Nathan, i guess you could say that someones heart wasn't in it"