Pedal Powered Parking Meters and 10 Other GOOD Ideas for Portland


Portland government employed hipsters select Portland hipsters for ideas to shovel money from non-Portland hipsters to government selected Portland hipsters.

God I am sick of this place (and yes, I am leaving)
Thanks for the recap, Sarah! Any idea when they will be posting the video online?

Also - as a Lents resident - I cannot affirm that we already have lots of good businesses. We have a few - El Pato Feliz, a good Taqueria, soon to be Acupuncture place and we're close to lots of good Asian places on 82nd. I'm Already Here! haha

For what it's worth, I'm thinking a couple of residents could of produced better ideas. I do like the Marshall Community Center idea - who pays for that though...Maybe turn it into the long sought after Asian Community and Cultural Center we have been desiring out here.
ADX probably should have actually visited Lents Town Center before declaring it perfect as is.

Great people- yes, great businesses- yes but not enough to form a critical mass of things to do or an 18-24 hour business district, great spaces - um, no, there's 13 acres of vacant lot in Lents Town Center, not to mention the few vacant storefronts are in a terrible state of repair.

Cute arrow thingy though.
Also - Marshall Highschool is 1/2 mile from Lents Town Center - just sayin'.

Yes! That asshole D is moving back to Arkansas!
I have a couple of good counter-proposals to two of those: 1) People paying parking meters with actual money to cover some of the value of the public space being devoted to storing people's cars. Exercise is its own reward and not a substitute for paying to park.
2) Weave food into the social fabric of neighborhoods by growing more actual food in neighborhoods, not with big, ugly billboards depicting destructive monocrop agriculture.

@D: Bon voyage, and good on you for leaving instead of just complaining about Portland until you die here.
Do people actually get paid real money for this stuff? Wow. I am glad that it addresses so many really relevant issues however (thinly disguised sarcasm). Hey D....don't leave! At least don't go to Brooklyn, because if you think it sucks here......@geyser....yeah because anyone who doesn't fall into lock step with you and other pretentious Portland nerds should leave because you are the majority(not) and they don't fit into your "vision" of Portland? Fail, idiot. God forbid anyone disagree with you , because they are complaining or"negative". Perhaps not everyone in this city is in perfect concord with you and pals. Just a thought sweetheart
Anyone constantly spewing negativity about Portland, virtually everything in it, and most of what makes up its diverse culture and distinguishes it from other cities of its size, with nothing good to say, ever, and who has no constructive, workable ideas about how to make it better, should leave and go somewhere that's less full of things that enrage them. It has nothing to do with agreeing with me. If I were a right-winger who hates the way Portland is run and most things to observe here, I wouldn't put down roots here; I'd go to any number of more culturally and politically conservative places and spare everyone my cynicism and constant complaining.
PS You're misusing the word "pretentious" -- yet again. Or have I claimed to be something I am not?
PPS NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo
How do we get Portlanders to eat less meat??? Hhahahahahahaahahahaha! OMG oh... oh.. heh heh.. hahaha... hah... Since when is this a problem? Have these people ever been to any single restaurant in Portland ever? Or shopped at any grocery store here? You can get vegan options everywhere, which means people are buying them. Dude seriously. Man. Woah. Spend one day in the South and, despite our bacon obsession, I think it will be apparent that this is not an issue.
And why is the farm-scape billboard in front of a picture of Portland from the 1960s?
Yes, it's frustrating when you can't count on the Community Development Corporations to help you try to keep places like Marshall open and in use for the appropriate purpose (ie a High School) because they're licking their chops just waiting to add the real estate to their asset portfolio when it's shut down.
The zoobomb pyle is public art and pretty interactive.
That pedal to park idea is just about the stupidest idea I've heard in a long, long time.
Fuck, most of these ideas are ridiculous really.
But the article has brought up more questions for me:
WHY do we pay someone to be 'Portland Sustainable Food Policy Manager'? Besides, of course, coming up with dumbfuck questions like that.
Why are not some of these questions being put forth to the candidates for Mayor?
Why is a LA based magazine hosting design challenges for Portland anyway?
Why does Sam Adams always look like shit in a suit?
That was real ? I though it was the filming of a Portlandia episode.

For the money and time that was spent on this you could have built a Habitat house for someone.
@8...I have no idea what you claim or do not claim to be, nor do I care. In addition I love Portland, and have offered several suggestions that you failed to notice because it clashes with what your little subset believes. Also, you consistently act like a child although you are well over 30. I also thought the use of the word "butthurt" in one of your posts also fits this theory. I am glad to know that anyone who disagrees with you is "right wing". Idiots like you are not what has made this great city better, although I am sure you think so. I am sure that Urban Homesteading, more bike paths and gentrification will solve all of Portlands problems. Wait, no I am not. Nerd.
If you've ever wanted to solve problems that are inconsequential at best and non-existent at worst, this conference was for you.