Jumping on a van in front of Verizon, how peaceful. NOT!
those umbrellas are freakin' me out, man
I don't even use an umbrella, but where can I get one of those freaky things?
Yay another wasteful demonstration that won't make a difference except make the average working person lose money because they can't get to work due to the delay in public transportation
Thanks for the photos and the reporting. I was at the protest today, and it was great. The weather was TERRIBLE in the beginning, but it got a bit better over the course of the march, and we had a turn-out of 500-1000. The "confrontations" really weren't a big deal - they just meant that most of the demonstrators stopped walking for 10 minutes and had a chance to rest, cause it was a long march. But otherwise, we took the streets, closed down some corporate branches, made our point, and looked fabulous while doing so.
"Closed down some corporate branches"???

I see a lack of boarded-up corporate windows in those photos.
Do banks normally board up their windows when they shut down for the afternoon? Ha, I didn't say we closed them permanently - just for the duration of the protest. We shook up business as usual. That's how you begin to change things in society. Now, I'm also all for shutting them down permanently or re-opening them under worker control - but hey, we've still got a little ways to go before then.
For the record, it totally is a dare to read it all! You'll learn something!

(Also, it's a cluster f*ck of rookie typography. My bad.)
Congrats to Occuppy and Portland Police on a successful protest. Nothing was really accomplished, but at this point, anything that doesn't turn into some kind of standoff is a victory.

Occuppy might want to rethink the tactic of harassing photo and broadcast journalists, as was the case yesterday, but other than that, kudos.
12 idiots accomplished two things:jack and shit. And jack left town pal. "looked fabulous while doing so"? Thank you for proving my previously stated view that you are mostly jackasses with a terrible need for attention. Well, for a few hours you fed that addiction. If you were serious about making any kind of real change there are ways to go about affecting that. But you wouldn't be interested, because you would not be on camera with other morons, or getting asslicking press coverage by an "alternative" publication. Or presenting your ill contrived skits. The good news is, this will blow over before you make any kind of change, other than changing peoples commuting routes for the day. By the way, at the last Occupy infestation I saw several people with Starbucks cups....was this intended irony or further proof that many of you are really that oblivious and stupid? Just wondering.

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