County Passes ICE Resolution


"One Hispanic father of two young daughters at the hearing explained the turmoil of losing his wife after DMV staff refused to accept her forms of identification, labeling them (falsely) false. He hasn't seen her since."

Could you clarify this? As is, it makes no sense. She got deported even though she had proper documents?
What, she can't send a letter to him here if she couldn't afford to pick up the phone and call him?
This is about one of the most useless, waste-of-time issues for the county to choose to work on.
Also, my understanding of the word CRIMINAL is to include people breaking the law - such as illegal aliens.
It's great to see local elected officials taking a stand about such an important issue. No human being is illegal - period. America is a country built on immigration (and slavery and the disenfranchisement of indigenous people) - large-scale immigration is at least one thing that's always been a positive characteristic of the United States. It's part of why we're a diverse country. And under Obama, ICE is deporting more immigrants than they did under Bush. Immigrants who are hard-working people who just want to make a better life for themselves. And it has to stop. I'm so glad Multnomah is at least beginning to take a stand on this issue.

Oh, and frankieb? All those civil rights activists in the South who sat-in at whites-only lunch counters? They were criminals breaking the law. Workers who went on strike to fight for the 8-hour day? Criminals violating injunctions, breaking the law. The law doesn't mean shit when the law is meant to keep people oppressed. Sometimes it needs to be broken.
@Chuck: That's the thing, it makes no sense. It seems that the police simply wanted a temporary reason to detain her to further investigate her immigration status. After the charges were dropped, she still was deported.