I forget when he made his 10,000 job promise. MultCo is up about 13,000 jobs since 2009 when he took office, and about 15,000 jobs since 2010.

The county is still down about 15,000 since the peak in 2008.

Adams (and some other politicians across the country) did a very clever thing by trying to time the worst of the recession then claiming they were going to "create" a ton of jobs. The economic rebound did the work for them. I give him some credit for that one - it is pretty clever.
Comparing carbon emission numbers to pre-recession times is another great way for us to pat ourselves on the back too.
I am encouraged by his support for the bridge.
I am impressed our Mayor was able to take valuable time away from social functions, glad handing and hanging out on the sets of television shows to appear at City Hall

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