Candidates Art Forum Live Blog


Nominating this for "Least Essential Live Blog, 2012."
You're welcome.
Thank you for live-blogging this; I appreciate knowing what went on despite my being unable to attend. This stuff is important.
Maybe Nate should start Jefferson Smith at the point over Felton/Crawford. Oops?
@ Alex, Let me be a little less dickish and slightly more constructive*:

A liveblog works well with things like a basketball game or a large Occupy action or something where stakes are actually potentially changing minute-to-minute (i.e. drama).

When you liveblog what would otherwise just be fodder for a news article, it just looks like you're taking advantage of technology to avoid coalescing your notes and observations into an actual article. To me, it communicates that you don't really consider what you're covering to be very important, or that you're more interested in keeping yourself entertained at a dull event.

That might be the wrong message to take away, but it's the one I'm getting.

* And condescending.
Good to see our Mayoral candidates are tacking the tough issues........