Good Morning News!


A day for women? That's how it starts, next thing you know the Irish will want one. And rabbits.
Great sloth video. Thanks!
We do want one Todd! It used to be a grand celebration where out grandfathers got paid in lager. Now it's just an excuse for a-holes to go out and get shitfaced regardless of heritage. Its even better when they adopt fake Irish accents because that isn't in the least insulting to the culture (the same assholes likely wear sombreros on Cinco De Mayo). Also, you can generally spot the same skanks who show up at Mardi Gras AND spring break (despite the fact that some of them are well over 30). I will be going to a lovely Irish pub in west linn of all places. I know none of you will be attending as apparently you don't leave the Portland Metro area. Btw, never heard or International Women's day, but women should really get more than one