Correction: I'd encourage people to listen to the music as they read the post. Really enhances the experience.
It's so great that the only way we can get anyone to care about art is by appealing to bullshit nostalgia.
8-bit nostalgia was cute when The Advantage and The Minibosses were playing NES tunes over a decade ago. Now teenagers on the Max are wearing faux faded 1-Up mushroom t-shirts from Hot Topic. Like a dog eating its own vomit, these retro regurgitations of pop content offer no meaning. We are in the context of no context.
Jesus, can't it just maybe be possible that this is a fun tribute to a great, long-standing franchise, featuring artists who are true fans, that have grown-up with the game? No, clearly it's just a bunch of posers who have no idea what you have been through in your vast gaming experience.

Quit taking yourself so seriously. No one else does.

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