Ms. Colin reports: Offerman and Mullally are this week's WTF guests, and they are good.

Didn't see anything but P&R, and as usual: excellent. The interviewer guy from Indianapolis wasn't a great character, but everything else about the episode was. It was pretty obvious to me that the tape was going to get "lost" by the airport guys. It was pretty obvious that Professor Sexy was going to go home with Ron when she otherwise might have seemed like a Chris lady. I love that the interviewer guy would fly to Pawnee from Indianapolis. I love the hot tub limo. I loved 15% of the Tom/Ann content (very beginning and very end). Very good Andy, Ron, Leslie & Jerry show, in that order.

Ms. Colin almost fell off the couch when Jerry says "it makes sense to me."
I think I left a few L's out of Mullllalllllyl
I'm still trying to understand the appeal of 30 Rock. I like many of the actors involved, but overall I can't get past a few minutes before I have to turn it off.
@ 3, Since Season 4 (some will say 3), 30 Rock has basically just become a joke vehicle, which you're either going to like or not.

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't these days. I find that while I basically skipped all of Season 5, and hated what little I saw as it aired, I actually enjoyed watching a few in a row on netflix once in a while. I think like I said, it's because it was just a series of jokes, and I had stopped expecting to have a decent story mixed in.
My favorite scene was when Andy Ron Swanson'd Ron Fucking Swanson.

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