Portland Goes Virgin


So their flights are only going to be to two different cities?

"It also asked its social media followers to submit “Portland-themed” plane names for its 50th aircraft"

Oh just stop
This works for me, since I live in LA but all of my friends are in Portland.
what, is summer footage too expensive? all I got from that was that Portland is rainy and gray. which is, of course, true. but it doesn't make for good marketing, me thinks.

unless the plan is to DISCOURAGE people from flying here to hipsterheaven on Virgin, which I wholeheartedly support.
They were JUST shooting this late last week. I saw them set up for the food cart clip on either Thursday or Friday.
They should raise the rates a dollar so Eric Cantona can film this in the summer.
Where was that guy who wears Mickey ears and sells toys along Hawthorne? Disney suits might want to fly up and chat with him.
You forgot to mention it's FREAKIN $99 if you buy a ticket before Thursday!