Sarah Palin Says She Will Debate President Obama "Anywhere, Anytime"


Except that it would also greatly benefit Palin, which might make Obama look like her patsy. She could eat her own poop in front of a live audience and still win new speaking engagements. So she's obviously not worried about having her non-wits eviscerated.
There is a huge downside because it would be the President saying that Sarah Palin's opinions are worth his time. They are not. What next, a debate with Trump?
Paul, if you didn't watch "Game Change" last Saturday, it's recommended viewing. No good would come from a Palin/Obama debate.
She knows there's 0% of this ever happening. I'm sure she's thrilled about that HBO movie because it gives her some publicity that she's been so desperate for since she "dropped out" of the GOP race.

I'm looking forward to her press releases in a few months where she announces her forthcoming decision to possibly seek the Republican VP nomination, pending prayerful consideration with her family.
This would absolutely not shut Palin up and would simply provide additional fodder for Lars, Rush, etc to talk about how much of a cowardly marxist the president is. There is no reason whatsoever that he should debate some random, former elected official from the country's least populated state.

I'm going to call Lars and say I DEMAND that Texas Governor Rick Perry debate me. That doesn't mean he would have any reason to.
Based on all the posts of his I've read, Constant's politics is entirely reactive, existing only in opposition to people like Palin, so it's no surprise that he'd jump at the chance to see such a debate take place. It's always easier to be against things than for anything.
Yeah, I think that Paul is 19 and drinks a lot of 5 hour energy. He's the Rush of the left.
I don't think it would shut her up, either. And even if Obama demonstrably handed her her ass in said debate, the right wing press would then complain about the President being a mean intellectual bully who is also an effete ineffectual.

(Where do ya' suppose she learned the word 'abject?' Oh. It's that word that always goes after 'failure.')
To anyone dumb enough to actually like Sarah Palin, it would appear that she had 'won', as she would speak in stupid barnyard platitudes while Obama would sound like 'some snooty college boy'.
It's giving her entirely too much credit. The best thing any serious politician can do is to simply ignore her and similar conservative ignoramuses.
It would - however - be funnier than shit. I would be there ringside with a giant sack of pork rinds and the 40 oz of the cheapest swill they'd inevitably have on tap and wallow in stupid like a contented hog.
Obama shouldn't and wouldn't ever do this of course.

But in an alternate universe where he did agree, she would never go through with it. She'd have to come up with some pathetic out, playing the victim somehow, but she would never actually go through with it. She's a quitter, and she knows she's an idiot.