I wonder if 'Juanita' has a green card or not?
@1 Of course Juanita has a green card; Mitt Romney would never hired illegal immigrants. Oh, wait..…

Anyways, I thought the real issue was less about taxes and more about mothers being able to *choose* whether they want to work or not. Ann never had to work, not because she's lazy, but because she had the financial stability to stay at home with her children.

For all the family values talk by the GOP, they seem to oppose every policy that would make the lives of mothers and fathers easier: vouchers for daycare, family planning and contraception, funding for early childhood education, universal healthcare, etc.

It's problematic that Ann and Mitt grew up rich because they simply don't know what it is like to grow up poor or even as a middle class American. It doesn't make them bad people, just woefully out of touch.
What @2 said. Props to her for staying home with her kids. i "chose" to stay home with my son until he started preschool. Of course, i was on "welfare" the whole time. Meaning, i lived off of the money that my parents, grandparents & siblings paid into the system. And that was less than $400 per month. i lived poor, but i was there to be a mother to my child.
Now, i know that Romney & most republicans paint me as a mooch. i mean, i did live off of my families taxes. And the Romney's are to be congratulated for paying less taxes than my family, laying off working people to make huge profits, & generally being better, wealthier people than me, & everyone else. i mean, they had 5 kids, i had 1. i used birth control. Because ultimately, i could not support more than 1 child while going to school full time & working. And yes, i made the horrible, morally evil choice to have my son's father die.
But, Ann Romney has worked hard at having her husband fire people to put money in the Romney bank accounts so they could have money to pay for nannies & cooks & housekeepers. That is some hard work! You definitely speak for all hard working women, Ann. Even those stay at home moms who actually have to cook & clean & care for their own offspring. You are a shining star of the downtrodden, multi-millionare spoiled housewives club. Hey! Count me in!
Why do we feel so threatened by Romney and his wealth? I came from hard working parents who were poor but worked hard to provide for us. I finished school, payed my way through college and got a masters. I have three children and although we are not "rich" I still have the blessing of staying home with my kids. Maybe the Romneys were born into a better home and had privileges that led to them to having more wealth. Ultimately, it is our decisions that lead us to our destinations. I have never used welfare and have paid taxes honestly. I don't mind that being used on people who seriously need it so they can get back on their feet. We know nothing about what the Romneys have done in their companies and we shouldn't assume or proclaim anything we don't know about. People should stop having these "pity parties" and look at their lives with joy and gratitude. Be thankful you don't have MS or have had cancer!
If any of you would read about the Romney family you will find out they struggled financially in the beginning just like most of us. Just because they are successful in their later years doesn't mean they can't relate to struggling families. Mitt gave away his inheritance to charity. They did not live on a stipend from his father. No one is instantly rich, it takes hard work and sacrifice. This notion that all mothers "have" to work is not true. We lived on a meager budget, qualified for every handout that we didn't take, yet I "choose" to stay home with my kids. No it wasn't easy, I would have loved a 2nd income, but raising my children were my priority. It is also possible to save on low incomes if you spend money wisely. We still saved during this time and helped with our children's college.. Since I have worked before and after raising my children, I can say I worked a lot harder raising my children then any job I had.
Ben Romney, Mitt and Ann's son in medical school says they didn't have a nanny! He stated, "Growing up, we never had a nanny or a โ€˜mommyโ€™s helper.โ€™ Never went to daycare,โ€ Ben wrote. โ€œI was just one out of five, but always felt like I was the most important thing in her life. For my Mom to raise us 5 boys, the way she did, was, in my mind, the most demanding โ€“ and hopefully rewarding โ€“ work she could have done.โ€
When people talk about the taxes they paid, why do they always use percentages? I just don't see how that's fair - all it does is make the numbers look comparable, when they aren't even in the same universe.

Paul, you said that it wouldn't be fair if you paid 20% of your income and Mitt Romney paid 20% of his income. I agree, but probably not with the same 'reasoning' that you're using. 20% of your income is what, $6,000? And 20% of Romney's income would be what, $6,000,000?

So you do really think that's not enough? If so, what the !@$!@ is wrong with you? You both have the same access to the same roads, to the same legal system, to the same police forces and fire departments and military. Why should we charge him 1,000 times more than you bother to kick in?

I'm sure you're USING a shit-ton more than what you pay for - people like Romney are covering for all the rest of your free shit. But that's not enough for you?
I mean, you can't repair a road or build a bike lane with "20%." It takes dollars, real money. So how many real dollars did you kick in this year, Paul? I don't care if it was 20% of nothing, and neither do the road crews - they need real dollars to do work.

I'm sure that talking in percentages lets you FEEL like you're doing you fair share, that you're contributing just as much as other people, but it's bullshit. Get off your high horse and realize that you're a burden, not a benefit, when it comes to tax discussions.
I had to look it up. If I'm reading this right, the federal budget breaks down to more than $12,000 per person. So if you didn't pay at least that much in federal taxes, you didn't pay your fair share. Someone ELSE is covering for you. And it's STILL not enough for you, and you STILL feel entitled to help yourself to more of their money.…
Many of the people in this town who have trust funds never "worked" a day in their lives either, what's your point Mercury? And no, selling drugs at Reed does not constitute "working".
For anyone who says that the rich pay a "fair" share. The rich man benefits MORE from a good education system and a good health care system that is paid for by taxes than the poor man does. Who benefits most from a healthy, educated workforce? The rich. Who benefits the most from the police and fire departments? The rich. Get assaulted in a poor area and call the cops, see how long they take to arrive(if they even do). Go to a rich area and get assaulted, and the cops will be there in no time. As the rich benefit more, it's only right they pay more out.

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