Awesome PDX Launch Party


Is that your roommie in the medium-sized novelty check picture? She's pretty cute and good for them!
Moratorium on naming things _____-landia please!
@1. Why couldn't Alison's roommate be the dude? You are a sexist fuck!
On topic; I wonder what horrible diseases will start popping up via urban farming?
@3. Hence the "is" part of the question. Kind of up to her to confirm/deny that.
Feeling fortunate I most likely do not know you, nor ever will.
Also, go fornicate thyself.
@caz. "She's pretty cute"
Smooth, for a sexist fuck.
@hashmark, Knowing that you'd never say that to my face is somewhat comforting, as it couldn't be any further from the truth, oh P.C. police troll, as anyone who knows me could tell you. However, nice job twisting a simple question and a compliment into something vile.
Didn't mention the guy due to indifference, not hatred, but if that's what will make you happy - saying "oh yes, I hate men, absolutely." Then there you have it. Are you pleased now? Can you quietly fuck off into the night, satisfied?
Probably not.
Oh well.
(Note to self: Never write comments or read comments on the Mercury site ever again, these 'people' hostile!)
@#: The roommate can't be "the dude" because the footnote in the post says "I was pulling for HER." Idiot. If you want to troll, at least try to be intelligent about it.
Urban farming and "horrible diseases"? What? Idiot.