Mapping Destruction: City Releases Locations of Portland Hazards


I used to live in an old building above Lionel Ritchie, and my apartment shook every time he danced on my floor/his ceiling.
I wonder how the Port of Portland got PDX Int'l airport excluded from the floodplain / liquefiable soils / moderate-high amplification potential zones?

The airport is only protected from flooding by the Marine Drive levee, which should be expected to fail in 'the big one'; and the soils in that area, which is basically 'reclaimed' swamp land, are most certainly liquefiable.

According to those maps my house is built atop either a piece from the true cross or a slab of concrete containing the remains of Jimmy Hoffa...the symbols are a little confusing.
@1: That's one hell of a COTW contender.
Looks like the only hazardous buildings in my life are the one I work in every day, and the one where my kid goes to school. Awesome.
Wow. All kidding aside, I just looked at the map, and downtown is just a mess of dangerous blue dots. If you want to know which buildings they represent, too fucking bad, because 90% of the map is devoted to showing you that there are no hazardous buildings in fucking Forest Park. Large format PDF is rarely the best way to distribute information, Portland.
"Large format PDF is rarely the best way to distribute information"

It is a fair method of obscuring it, however.