Mitt Romney Is Hanging Out with Terrible People Today


Trump a racist? Balderdash. He has a great relationship with the blacks.
Is Trump really still sticking to the birther thing? Like, he still actively cares about that issue? Or is it just something that he talked about a year ago for a few weeks?
Donald Trump can't be The Racist because he just "hired" Arsenio Hall to be his Celebrity Apprentice over some white guy. That's how you cure racism, right?
Trump is totally a college lesbian of the birther movement.
psst. 50.1% doesn't win the election necessarily anyways.
I've never been so hot for Trump as when I was forced to think of him as a college lesbian (should 1 or both those words be in quotes ;o )

Seiously tho'. "They" closed down the small businesses (food stalls) during lunch rush just to "protect" Romney from the people of PDX!