We're in ARGH-reement.


What makes me roll my eyes is when people like Hedges or OWS do talk about solutions. Nonviolent revolution? Occupying foreclosed homes? Holding marches in the middle of the day? Humor?

Will McAvoy was right; if liberals are so effing smart, how come they lose so goddamn much? Where talking about cartoons (admittedly really great drawings) and chuckles, when we should be talking about electing the most bat-shit crazy liberal who would go to D.C. and would rather bankrupt America than allow Republicans to do anything.

Well...Hedges may just not see anything funny in the situation. Which may be why he writes books and isn't on TV.
I was there and I found Mr. Hedges' talk engaging. He seemed genuine, a quality that is in short supply in journalism these days, and I found his reading from the book to be quite moving. This idea of the guilt-inducing, humorless, self-righteous liberal is little more than a mythical beast often conjured for the sake of expediency. I agree humor is an excellent device but its not the only device. Should we be taking to Twitter in outrage because Cormac McCarthy didn't write The Road as satire? There are many ways to communicate with one another in meaningful way. I find the kind of dismissal presented here intellectually lazy and maybe, given the extremes of the subject matter of the book, a little dangerous.
@MJay. GASP! "intellectually lazy" SMIRK? impossible.
I've had a really hard time with him since his "Cancer in Occupy" piece.