"during which neither a deadly weapon nor deadly force was deployed by Trayvon Martin."

So Zimmerman is supposed to DIE before he can defend himself? MSNBC is a fucking joke of a network and Paul Constant isn't a good investigative journalist. He is a terrible hack and Zimmerman deserves his day in court before all these idiot haters condemn the guy.
I'm suddenly glad we have a "dislike" button now.
...which makes this an issue of gun ownership. No gun, no one dies in that scenario.
Trayvon could have also "defused" the situation but he did not. If he would have taken off and got shot in the back, I would have a problem with that. Zimmerman had injuries that he sustained in a physical altercation with Martin. Was Zimmerman in the right? I don't know enough to make that judgment. The courts should and will decide and as long as the trial isn't a political witchhunt, he will get a fair trial. Anything else is bogus. I would feel the same way if the races and outcome were reversed. You can't convict the guy in a blog when the guy hasn't had the opportunity to properly defend himself in a court of law.
Actually, you can't convict a guy in a blog at all. We can't afford bailiffs.
Stjohns, you're soo obviously a miserable racist sack of shit. It would behoove you to shut the fuck up, les you get PERMA-BANNED from the Merc. all together.

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