The Seattle police probably just played the kids game of; Eeny, meeny, miny, moe to decide who they would try to prosecute. At least that's what it seems like they are doing; how did they even get evidence? Police need to have their grand jury evidence transparent; so we know if they are lying; getting evidence without warrants; ect.
Anarchist baby's first shirt and tie, how cute. Why are they dressed like they're going to court?
These activists are adorable and this is a ludicrously disproportionate fed response to a few fucking broken windows.

Spend your time and our money on ACTUAL threats.
They just don't want the public to know how many old black women they have conned out of their homes.

@Colin - Based upon my understanding of the intelligence community, there are not many of those "ACTUAL threats", which is why the FBI is wasting time here.

I've always believed that the world will start taking the principals of "anarchism" more seriously when we start wearing fucking neck ties. Anyone who still votes in this country habitually trusts people in neck ties.
I want a 'Real Lives of Portland Activists' reality tv program.
She is very pretty, but I don't expect that her love of freedom WILL be stronger than the state's prisons.
@fidelity, yeah you guys are just a couple neck ties away.

@Reymont, you just wrote the first line of their movie trailer. Cue that Rusted Root song.
Too radical for the grand jury, not so radical that they mind purchasing purebred dogs.
@ Chuck, Fer god's sake. You have no idea where they got that dog, and it has nothing to do with anything.

People will grab ahold of the most ludicrous threads to support the opinion they already had. I'm including all humans in that statement - the brain is a funny, often-ridiculous thing.
It was a joke, not to mention you posted about the oh so serious topic of neckties and how cute they are, you crank. Go find a fucking glass house.

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