NERD RAGE: Mindless List on Internet Riles Up Comics Fans to Extraordinary Degree With Horrendously Wrong Opinions


I will support this list, if only for the inclusion of Shaq. WTF Hollywood? SHAQ? MUTHAFUCKIN' SHAQ? Okay, I don't really like the guy, but still, SHAQ?
Yes, yes, yes to Stallone as Dredd for the top (bottom?) spot. Love the comic. Hate the movie. Cautiously excited about the new one.

Hopefully the new Dredd will not take off his fucking helmet.
The Dredd trailer made it look like Raid: Redemption, starring Judge Dredd. Which ain't a bad thing, I guess.

Might I also add Alec Baldwin's performance as The Shadow to this list?
You can't add Alec Baldwin's performance in The Shadow for the same reason you can't add Zane in The Phantom or Billy Campbell in The Rocketeer. They're all doing pulp performances for big budget pulp revivals. While Rocketeer is undeniably the most effective, the other two are still pretty on the nose.
Marion Cobretti?
Shit! My cobra joke subsumed a stray Frank Stallone joke. Will fix.
Why would you refer to the dissenters as 'The critics online, a large, angry mob of people who counted among their numbers "The sighted," "People who can think," and "Not paint-huffers"' and then show tweets from three established and respected comic writers? Why take shots and comics journalists if you respect Sims and Uzumeri's work? You just come off as an asshole and it's hard to take anything you say in the piece seriously.
I thought it was pretty clear that he was casting the angry mob as correct?
oh jeez, i just misread it as him being snarky, that makes a lot more sense. well, i can't find a delete button so i'll just have to dislike my comment and hide from internet.
Hey, to be fair, I do come off as an asshole. just in the other direction.
All respect to Reeve but have you watched Superman lately? It's an inexplicable shitpile -- just like _every_ movie from the 70s. You simply cannot take somebody who wasn't raised up on these films and show them to them without experiencing every single horrible shitty filmmaking wart that the world just hadn't figured out yet like... pace. Or making sure you didn't edit out a scene that sets up another one, leaving a floating plot turd in the middle of a swamp of slow moving scenes. Fucking fanboyism.
"shitpile -- just like _every_ movie from the 70s."

Your argument is invalid.
Am I the only person who actually dug Jim Carrey as the Riddler? Yeah, he's campy and over the top, but I thought it was a fun casting and the Riddler voice actors nowadays seem to emulate his voice more than one sounding like Gorshin.