Bad writing? It's a bit too early to say definititely. I heard Vince Gilligan on a Breaking Bad Insider podcast talk about how he's got a very, very clear vision for the rest of the story, particularly now that the studio is letting him do 8 eps followed by a break then 8 more. My point is either the extra time to craft the season is leading to some ham-fisted characterizations (Walt's over-the-top bravado, Skyler's sudden distaste for her predicament when only a few weeks ago in show time she was happily laundering money at the car wash, role playing to save Ted and her own ass, etc.), or, all this calculation will lead to some awesome shit. Hope the latter.
Just watched "one minute" from season 3, after listening to hank on fresh air. The show hasn't been as exhilarating this season. Who knows, maybe it'll pick up, or maybe they're in wrap-up mode and we'll all be as dissapointed as I was with this episode.

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