For the moment I'm just noting that dissent has basically been made illegal anyway, so I've always wondered why these particular fuckers always seemed to get a pass.
The media should be bright enough to stop covering the westboro shitheads. Lack of media coverage would surely put a damper on their personal beliefs of how effective their actions are.
I'm curious - are these shitheads bright enough to have an end game? Are they smart enough to manipulate the situation so that, down the road, they can blame Obama for attacking 1st Amendment rights?
Why do I have to be against it because of a slippery slope argument? Slippery slope arguments are inane. I'm against it on the simple principle of the 1st Amendment. I don't care what future action this might lead to. The current action is wrong.
Like for real, why can't some riot cops on horses pepper spray those assholes? If it's good enough for some custy kid chanting "we are the 99 perwaagarghbl" it's good enough for the Phelps.
I guess I'll play Devil's Advocate here. Most people disagree with Westboro BC. I know I do. Many people also disagree with Occupy Portland. I do. Does that give anyone the right to suppress the First Amendment? Westboro BC is another extremist group trying to bring attention to their organization no matter how despicable the tactics. Still, they have a right to their say, no matter how unpopular and stupid it is.
Well, I guess if SJR disagrees with the Phelps clan, then everyone else on here had better start agreeing with them.

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