Maybe some of those people who commented on Alison's review of "House of Numbers" could offer their opinion on water fluoridation.
The fluoridationists are misleading the Portland Councillors. There are dental health crises occurring in all fluoridated cities, states and countries and fluoride in the water is no help. In fact, 60% of US adolescents are fluoride overdosed and are affected with dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) Yet 50% of them still have tooth decay.

As fluoridation rates increased, so did tooth decay rates. Fluoridation was supposed to put dentists out of business. Instead more dental schools are opening, and more dental professionals are being created.

The crisis exists because most dentists won't treat low income people and lobby against any other viable groups doing so such as dental therapists.
This is probably great news public health-wise but... beer. What about Portland's beer that uses fluoride-free water? This is a concern of mine.
Maybe I ought to know this, Right Reverend, but the concern you're articulating is that our locally brewed beer might taste different if the water is fluoridated? I guess it's like the bagel makers in Florida (or are they pizza makers?) who add minerals to the water to replicate the feeling and flavor of NY-style fare.
Why don't they put the money to push fluoride into our water into low income dental clInics. I don't want fluoride in my water, I don't care about the conspiracy theories, I just don't fucking want it. I choose to brush my teeth, I want a choice with my water. This is going to help increase bottled water consumption, britta filters, waste etc. Fuck you city council
I want a dental therapist. Maybe he or she can tell me why I find it so goddamn hard to floss every day.
There are very few issues where the benefit is so clear and the risk so absent as finally bringing a major impacter of dental healthcare to Portland.

Perhaps we are all expecting opposition to come in the "tin hat" variety, but I suspect individual rights will be behind what little there is. FreddieMac has this nail on the head and I side with his/her sentiment in general; I'm not a fan of gov making choices for all that I am perfectly capable of making myself.

In this case however, nature is calling the shots. Fluoride is a naturally occurring ion in drinking water. There are locations where cities have to install *de-fluoridization* systems because fluoride content from the source is too (damn) high.

That fluoride levels have an impact on dental health at all was one of those serendipitous discoveries: why do cities x,y, and z have such lower tooth decay than towns a,b, and c? Ah ha! a,b,c water sources don't have natural fluoride.

While I share FreddiMac's (inferred) libertarian streak, I don't see adjusting the level of fluoride in the water as any different than asking my municipality to adjust the level of salmon poop coming out of my tap (to very close to zero, please).

Add in the fact that the 9 year old living in abject poverty without responsible or financially stable parents taking her into Dr. Driller every year has a much better chance of not having his teeth all rot out with fluoridation in place, and I'm more than OK telling my local government to act.
Let's put some Prozac in there too, why the hell not?
Are you fucking kidding me!? This shit will not stand here in Portland. Here are a few tasty little tidbits for anyone stupid enough to think forced medicating the water supply with "fluoride" (actually a toxic soup of medical waste...not medical grade) is a keen idea:…
It's about damn time common sense wins out over a bunch of old hippies.
The anti-fluoridation crowd has been mocked for over 50 years, and rightfully so for most of that time. Until recently. Though proponents would like everything to still think this, it isn't a Dr. Strangelove-type conspiracy any longer. It has actual scientific backing. This is the one thing flouridation proponents have always claimed doesn't exist. But, it does.

From that conspiracy-theory rag the Los Angeles Times:…

It is unbelievable to think that Portland would spend 5 million dollars to install fluoridation and $600,000 each and every year for purchasing the toxic fluoride chemical.
The city of Portland should do the following:
Purchase one tanker truck of this toxic waste fluoride (Hexafluorosilicic acid, which is waste material flushed directly from industrial smokestacks) and instead of putting it in drinking water, park the truck at city hall and give out fluoride free to anyone who wants it. When 99 1/2% of this poison is no longer wasted down the drain in showers, toilets, dishwashers, etc., one truck would probably last 5 to 10 years or more.
Then use all of the $ millions in savings to help the community.

Wanna know something? I went to the dentist yesterday after NOT using the prescription fluoride toothpaste she wanted me to take for 5 months. Prior to that I had used the fluoride paste for a year & a half in order to build enamel strength on a couple of my molars. During that 1 1/2 years no real improvement happened. My wife had read up on fluoride & it's potential dangers & like many folks, I thought it was a load of crap. For shits & giggles I read some of the literature she suggested. I decided to try going fluoride free and increase my intake of grass feed butter, eggs, dairy, & meat because a few woo woo articles discussed how vitamin K2 (present only in grass fed products) provided better results for teeth & overall health. Again I myself was doubtful but willing to see what happened.

Yesterday my dentist said my teeth were doing great, including my molars. I made more progress with my teeth issue by eating grass fed products in 6 months, than I did using concentrated fluoride for 1 1/2 years. I now believe that the real issue for me & possibly others has to do w/ diet & poor nutrition. By fluoridating the water we will not be addressing the real issues regarding teeth. Instead lets spend 5 million on helping folks, especially kids, get proper nutrition.

And think of this...if our city had a high rate of depression (which we do) would we be okay with putting a bunch of prozac in the water? Even if the medication is harmless, we should have a choice in what is put in the water we drink, water our crops with, and cook with.
The most compelling data of community water fluoridation's effectiveness is the huge Louisiana study which found 2/3rds of the operations for terrible cavities in kids are avoided with community water fluoridation (CWF).

see: Water Fluoridation & Costs of Medicaid Treatment for Dental Decay. MMWR. CDC 09/03/1999

In the Louisiana study 50% of the dental bills for the kids studied were avoided. A subsequent Colorado study found that the beneficial effect on these young kids mouths alone returns 150% in lower dental bills.

see: Prev Chronic Dis. 2012 Mar;9: A simulation model for designing effective interventions in early childhood caries. Hirsch GB, et al

Done under anesthesia procedures include extractions root canals & stainless steel crowns & cost up to $15,000. These happen more often in Portland without CWF. Data presented to the Oregon Legislature in 2005 showed about 75% prevention of these operations in The Dalles, fluoridated since 1956

Portlanders should read the long list of prestigious organizations representing thousands of medical, dental & public experts & many health advocacy organizations like the Pew Charitable Trust whose only goal is to better the common good. It is quite obvious from both that list and the list of regional health advocates that physicians, dentists and public health workers are foursquare behind CWF.

Those who oppose CWF harm the community's oral health, especially the kids. Avoiding fluoridation keeps Oregon at the bottom for both oral health and fluoridation. Is is arguing for increased pain suffering & life-long disadvantages.
Oppose fluoridation: EPA Headquarters Union Scientists

Endorse fluoridation:

Acad Dentistry InterNatl
Acad General Dentistry
Acad for Sports Dentistry
Alzheimer’s Assoc
America’s Health Insurance Plans
Am Acad Family Physicians
Am Acad Nurse Practitioners
Am Acad Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
Am Acad Orthopaedic Surgeons
Am Acad Pediatrics
Am Acad Pediatric Dentistry
Am Acad Periodontology
Am Acad Physician Assistants
Am Assoc for Community Dental Programs
Am Assoc for Dental Research
Am Assoc for Health Education
Am Assoc for the Advancement Science
Am Assoc Endodontists
Am Assoc Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Am Assoc Orthodontists
Am Assoc Public Health Dentistry
Am Assoc Women Dentists
Am Cancer Society
Am College Dentists
Am College Physicians / Am Society Internal Medicine
Am College Preventive Medicine
Am College Prosthodontists
Am Council on Science and Health
Am Dental Assistants Assoc
Am Dental Assoc
Am Dental Education Assoc
Am Dental Hygienists’ Assoc
Am Dietetic Assoc
Am Federation Labor and Congress
of Industrial Orgs
Am Hospital Assoc
Am Legislative Exchange Council
Am Medical Assoc
Am Nurses Assoc
Am Osteopathic Assoc
Am Pharmacists Assoc
Am Public Health Assoc
Am School Health Assoc
Am Society for Clinical Nutrition
Am Society for Nutritional Sciences
Am Student Dental Assoc
Am Water Works Assoc
Assoc for Academic Health Centers
Assoc Am Medical Colleges
Assoc Clinicians for the Underserved
Assoc Maternal & Child Health Programs
Assoc State & Territorial Dental Directors
Assoc State & Territorial Health Officials
Assoc State & Territorial Public Health
Nutrition Directors
British Fluoridation Society
Canadian Dental Assoc
Canadian Dental Hygienists Assoc
Canadian Medical Assoc
Canadian Nurses Assoc
Canadian Paediatric Society
Canadian Public Health Assoc
Child Welfare League America
Children’s Dental Health Project
Chocolate Manufacturers Assoc
Consumer Federation America
Council State & Territorial Epidemiologists
Delta Dental Plans Assoc
FDI World Dental Federation
Federation Am Hospitals
Hispanic Dental Assoc
Indian Dental Assoc (USA.)
Institute Medicine
InterNatl Assoc for Dental Research
InterNatl Assoc for Orthodontics
InterNatl College Dentists
March Dimes Birth Defects Found
Natl Assoc Community Health Centers
Natl Assoc County & City Health Officials
Natl Assoc Dental Assistants
Natl Assoc Local Boards Health
Natl Assoc Social Workers
Natl Confectioners Assoc
Natl Council Against Health Fraud
Natl Dental Assistants Assoc
Natl Dental Assoc
Natl Dental Hygienists’ Assoc
Natl Down Syndrome Congress
Natl Down Syndrome Society
Natl Found Dentistry for the Handicapped
Natl Head Start Assoc
Natl Health Law Program
Natl Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition
Oral Health America
Robert Wood Johnson Found
Society for Public Health Education
Society Am Indian Dentists
Special Care Dentistry
Acad Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities
Am Assoc Hospital Dentists
Am Society for Geriatric Dentistry
The Children’s Health Fund
The Dental Health Found (of California)
US Department Defense
US Department Veterans Affairs
US Public Health Service
Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
Natl Institute Dental & Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)
World Federation Orthodontists
World Health Org
Perhaps the dental crisis would better be addressed by better nutrition and a single-payer health CARE system, rather than by purchasing the aluminum industry's waste product. Alternatively, 5 million smackers could be divvied up as grants to people who want to drink this stuff; that way pro-fluoride folks would at least be getting uniform doses, appropriate to their age and size. This isn't "tin hat" stuff, it's simple fact. (sigh)
Portland - Toxic Fluoride (hazardous waste)

Chemicals - hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate
Derived from the phosphate mining industry,
both considered highly toxic by the EPA
These hazardous wastes are dumped into drinking water
LIES ... Fluoride - it's so good for your teeth
lies the dentist, lies the doctor, lies the politician
Lies the dead fish
in the water
Just in time for the EPA/ FDA to back off of it's previous stance on fluoride being "good" for the nation
Ever heard of censorship in media?
21 - Since it is KNOWN that ingesting fluoride lowers your IQ arguing about it's totally moot to argue about benefits for your teeth . It's like saying lead chewing gum is a good idea because it strengthens the jaw - it's way beyond stupid.
Harvard School of Medicine showed it reduced IQ in children. Kids in Portland are too smart anyway. But the real reason is that is cost too much to dispose of industrial fluoride waste and dumping it where it could get into drinking water is illegal. So why not sell it to the city and let THEM dump it legally in the water? Of course certain politicians will received nifty campaign funds from the industrial plants. All nice and neat and the people will be none the wiser. Wink-wink

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