Jefferson Smith Goes Even Deeper in Discussing His Admittedly "Embarrassing" DMV Record


Here's my funny Jefferson story from the other post...

Jefferson rubbed me the wrong way when I approached him to ask him a question at an event and he hit my back so hard he almost knocked me over. Then he punched me in the chest like we were long time buddies. WTF!?!?! Stop hitting me dude! Then before I could ask him a question, he proceeded to complain about how tired he was - this was about a month into his campaign in the primary. He then turned and walked away. Oh, thanks. Appreciate that. I got a sore pec and sore shoulder blade from being hit by a 6'4 man child and still didn't get to ask you a question.
If there were ever an opportunity for a smart write-in campaign. Someone with a little money and name recognition might have a shot as a write-in against two candidates with significant issues.
Why do I get the sense that Denis is twisting to make this all seem as favorable as possible for Jefferson? The previous post even implied that this would only be a concern to voters is Mark Wiener made it so.

If another candidate --let's say a Kevin Mannix? -- submitted his own faux-interview, you'd skewer him.
Instead of seeming transparent and forthcoming, Jefferson's self-interview was just lame. Where's Max Brumm when you need him?

I agree with Euphonius. Denis is spinning hard for Jefferson--even going so far as to cite Jefferson's ADHD as a possible reason why he's such a terrible driver. We get it, Denis; you think he going to win, so you're trying to curry favor early to gain access once he's mayor. Be less obvious about it.
Can we spend some time reviewing City Policies before the election is over? I'm sure there's a problem or two in the city of Portland that's more important than a candidates fucking driving record.

Hey, remember Sam Adams - he did makeout with a 17 year old, and it's alleged that he got into a car accident after drinking and with a young male passenger in his car, and that Sam had to zip his pants up after the car accident..... But, overall, I think Adams is a good mayor, so I don't really care about personal issues.
This guy is a mess. It would at least be really amusing to watch him implode in City Hall. I'm guessing it would happen in under a year.

Perhaps some local journalists can get around to finding out what happened to him at his law firm.
"We get it, Denis; you think he going to win, so you're trying to curry favor early to gain access once he's mayor."

Pfft! That's for amateurs. Truly ambitious Merc staffers go for the plum Mayoral staff jobs. Big pay increase, better benes, etc. etc.
@Blabby WW did that last March. Apparently at Stoel Rives, he "arrived late, slipping in the back door, and never checked his voice mail, which was usually full."…

@SteveR Of course, Amy Ruiz syndrome!