I have no inherent objection to a con that can bring a wider selection of pop culture figures to town (although I'd lean toward a local start-up building to that level, like Emerald City did). But, mainly, for the life of me, I can't really remember anyone I know expressing excitement over the annual arrival of their local Wizard World con.
Wizard has only announced four guests (three actors and one artist)"

Are you somehow suggesting Reedus' & Flannery's performances in Boondock Saints was in any way short of Artistry?

Also, fuck Cons. All of them. In the face.

Fuck the entire idea of "Geek Culture" in the face while you're there.

Like the culture you want to like and resolve to stop being such a slobbering dickhead about it.

I just corrected some kid on the Facebook for getting all excited about "Portland's very first ever comic book convention!" He needs to get off my lawn.
@Colin: Are you implying that Boondock Saints is somehow not akin to sucking the corn out of shit?
@C&B, No.
@Kiala, apologies, I should have added "Except Kiala. Don't fuck Kiala in the face."

Maybe I'm just extra-cranky today, but I'm SOOOOO WEEEEARY of geekness, hipness, and geekness as hipness.

Can't we all just talk about our various pleasurecraft?
The most astonishing part of all this is that people still give a shit about The Boondock Saints.
I know, right? Why would ANYONE be more likely to go to a Con because the fucking guys from Boondock Saints are there? Who would want to go anywhere that a) attempted to attract such people and/or b) actually attracts such people?
@Beast: I worked with a dudebro who had that fucking prayer tattooed on his back. There are tons of idiots like him.
This sounds like the brotasticest nerd event ever! Next year: Car stars of the Fast and the Furious, a man who once read a comic book as an adult like as if he were a manbaby who likes that kind of baby shit, and Mark Hamil, voice of the Joker's personal chef and MMA trainer. Sponsored by Red Bull and the Oregon branch of the NRA.
Billy Connely was in Boondocks Saints, the movie is not that bad. Granted, the documentary exposed the writer/director as a douche. Still, good entertainment. Plus Reedus is in Walking Dead, so there's that.
Boondock Saints was pretty awesome; I finally saw it about 5 months ago; I enjoyed it quite a bit. Had zero expectations for the movie to be good; whenever you have no expectations of a movie; you can usually enjoy it.

Seems a lot of the commenters in this article have far too many expectations of movies; hence the reason they are constantly disappointed. They might even be very unhappy in real life. Awww.
I won't hold my breath for this to happen

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