Good Morning, News!


The Sudanese are "Going Germans"? Are they hurling wads of spatzle at the embassies or something?
So, unless I missed it (I checked both todays and yesterdays "Good Morning, News!") I'm not really seeing any mention of how Portland's water is now going to get fluoridated. Doesn't that warrant a mention? Nader was right it looks like, no choice for the people and it just goes right through;
Nevermind I see that there's a story on it now. This sucks : (

Fucking god, someone sure care's about the teeth of the children! *eye roll*
I didn't even know there was a Hardee's in Lebanon. And now it's gone. But there are still Hardee's in:
Lebanon, Connecticut
Lebanon, Georgia
Lebanon, Illinois
Lebanon, Indiana
Lebanon, Kansas
Lebanon, Kentucky
Lebanon, Maine
Lebanon, Missouri
Lebanon, Nebraska
Lebanon, New Hampshire
Lebanon, New Jersey
Lebanon, New York
Lebanon, Ohio
Lebanon, Oklahoma
Lebanon, Oregon
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Lebanon, South Carolina
Lebanon, South Dakota
Lebanon, Tennessee
Lebanon, Virginia