Is the Arts Levy a Benefit to Portland or a Burden?


Well written and researched, Fiona. A question: when you say "arts and culture programs" in the same graf as "arts and music programming in elementary schools," are you using these terms interchangeably? Is there a separate setaside for "culture" education in the measure, or is it in fact strictly for arts and music education?

And if the former, what constitutes "culture?"
(you should feel honored, fiona -- d & w took off the caps lock for you -- now THAT'S culture.)

I didn't want to scare her off before my question gets answered. Also, unlike some Mercury interns, she appears to proofread.
proofreading: sooooo last millennium.....
It's only $35 but I don't know if I'll ever vote for a flat rate tax out of principle.
fruits? didn't she get her head handed to her by the court?