Doctor Who Recap: Cowboys! And Aliens!


Where was Amy's righteous anti-murder indignation last week, when the Doctor *actually murdered someone*?
Now that you mention it, I remember thinking that very thing as well when it came up. For a brief moment, I was like "maybe we're really going to have this Doctor change his tactics" but then it swiftly became another take on "The Doctor is tortured by his past" thing that Russell T. Davies drove into the dirt. A more elegant take, yeah, but still - nobody managed to bring up that the Doctor blew up a dude last week.
Finally someone notices Ben Browder. Are there that few Farscape fans out there?

As much as I enjoyed the previous two episodes, this was the first one with any real dramatic tension built from the characters themselves. Amy and Rory's "divorce" was nonsense (as Mr. Tardis explains in excruciating yet beautiful detail on YouTube), and running wild with dinosaurs on a space ship was great fun, but not too deep - save the Doctor's way of handling space pirate Argus Filch. Being confronted with his doppelganger and thus forced to make a decision on how to deal with his own past challenges The Doctor in personal, psychological ways that override his heroic instincts. Fortunately, they give Amy a chance to play What The Hell Hero? and point a gun at him.

My only real gripe is I feel like the Amy Pond story is withering away. I have no problem with writing her and Rory off the show, much as I love 'em, but I do have a problem with setting up such a great companion with such a great back story, putting her through a number of personal wringers, then have her limp off the stage. I have a lot of faith in Moffat, so maybe I'm worrying over nothing. I just hope Amy's exit from the story is as profound as her entrance.
What Kevin said, except for the part when he might have implied that I like Farscape.