City Unveils New Suicide Hotline: "We Want People to Not Call 911"


I feel like it'd be better if there was a phonebooth next to this. Do people bring cellphones to their suicide?

I guess, maybe.
How else are you supposed to instagram that shit?
Don't you think people hoping to commit "suicide by cop", i.e. the ones PPD has the most trouble with, are not likely to worry that they aren't supposed to call 911? (And also don't likely do it on a bridge?)
The googles say that Portland police responded to 70 suicides and 144 attempts in 2011. Wiki says that the Vista bridge alone averages 4 suicides a year. It wouldn't be heard to search the Oregonian for reports of many who jump every year.

We should be installing those 12' jump fences. But if these signs stop one person from splatting, that's a good investment.
I'd be curious to know how many people that committed suicide on that bridge has a cell phone with them... they would be better served by putting a police call-box up there...

it's already too late by the time you're heading up the bridge... you've probably already been through the system and it didn't work... you'll laugh at the sign remembering how society failed you as you jump...